asphalt paver

asphalt paver

Model No.︰LTD600

Brand Name︰Silon

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 1500000 / unit

Minimum Order︰1 unit

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Product Description



The basic paving width of LTD600 is 2.8m, max. paving width is 6.0m and the paving thickness is 10-150mm. The stabilized large specific pressure screed equipped with high-power vibrator and heating system, which ensured the compactness of the paving layer better; the advanced auto leveling device enable the paving smoothness standard deviation less than 1.2mm; high quality water-cooling diesel engine with 62.5kw power reserve has the strong power and durability; low pressure solid antiskid make the paver has stronger adhesiveness and no skid in use; the max. transport speed can arrived 16kg/h and convenient to transfer; long distance control realize the separating of human and machine and the operator have the all-around view; the completely combine of the hydraulic system and mechanical drive to make the reliability and the price performance ratio of the LTD600 reached the optimization.


LTD600 asphalt paver is the best choice for many different applications, such as temporary road of expressway, standard highway and city road and it is the best machine for road maintenance. 30 years road construction machineries research and product ensure the quality of the paver, and it must make large contribution to road construction.

Technical Parameters

Item Unit Technical Parameters
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 5630×2856×2630
Gross weight kg 12800
Hopper capacity m3 5
Paving width mm 2800-6000
Paving thickness mm 10-150
mm 10-80
Traveling speed First gear km/h 2.54
Second gear km/h 5.26
Third gear km/h 9.62
Fourth gear km/h 16.28
Reverse gear km/h 2.08
Paving speed First gear m/min 2.76
Second gear m/min 5.72
Third gear m/min 10.46
Engine Model   X4110 water-cooling diesel
Rated power kw 62.5
Rated rotary speed r/min 2300
Front wheel Type   solid rubber tyre
Size mm 500×250diameter ×width)
Rear wheel Type   pneumatic tire
Air pressure Mpa 0.33-0.35
Specification   16/70-20
Screed Main screed length mm 2856
Main screed width mm 335
Extensional screed length mm 1108
Extensional screed width mm 355
Widening screed length mm 250
Widening screed width mm 355
Vibrator Frequency of the main screed Hz 28
Amplitude of the main screed mm 3.34
Frequency of extension screed Hz 24
Amplitude of the extension screed mm 4.26
Compactness   ≥0.80
Smoothness mm ≤3
Noise dB (A) ≤90
Ambient noise dB (A) ≤90
Emission Rb ≤5

Payment Terms︰ 30% Deposit and 70% Before shipment to Shanghai Seaport

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